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Founder and Principal

Marc founded 3RT after 25 years in the IT industry with the goal of helping companies evaluate, implement, and manage technology more effectively.  As Chief Technology Officer at Data Intensity, a pioneering cloud managed services provider, Marc worked with hundreds of mid-market and enterprise customers to optimize their most critical business applications, all while growing Data Intensity into one of the largest cloud-focused managed services businesses in the United States.  He found that his customers all faced similar issues -- they all had difficulty incorporating new technologies into their IT and business roadmaps, integrating those technologies with their existing platforms, and managing the ongoing releases across business functions.  Marc realized his expertise across the areas of strategy, implementation, and operations, combined with his technology expertise in both applications and infrastructure, provide a unique perspective that help customers in a variety of ways.  His work at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology inspired him to take his experience and translate it into a model for assessing, incubating, communicating, and operationalizing technology, which we have branded as 3Align.  Marc's technology experience includes cloud transformation and integration, enterprise resource planning, application development, business intelligence and analytics, and business continuity.  He is currently focused on the application and integration of collaboration tools, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) in enterprises.  Marc is a member of a number of trade organizations, including the Society of Information Management, the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, and the FBI’s Infragard program, and is a frequent speaker at industry events.  




Our guiding principles are simple:

  • Technology, when used properly, is an enabler of business value.

  • An organization’s people, processes, and data are an integral part of successful technology adoption.

  • Only by successfully leveraging these components together can organizations accomplish their goals and achieve competitive differentiation.

Those principles are carried over into our business philosophy:

  • Our team will only accept engagements for which we can deliver exceptional results for our clients.

  • We provide object opinions and help customers get through the hype surrounding new technologies.

  • We always do right by our clients.



The 3Align methodology is comprised of the building blocks of people, process and data, and tools and technology. We wrap it with a rock-solid governance methodology that constantly measures progress and allows us to identify and correct issues before they become showstoppers.


The foundation of the 3Align methodology is people — their day-to-day behaviors, how they are incented, how they interact with each other, and how they impact one another. The success of most technology projects is ensuring that key influencers in an organization adopt it, talking about it, and inspire others to do the same. We look to make new technologies a part of everyday behavior by providing incentives that encourage use. it is It is critical that team members behavior is impacted in a positive way by their incentive structure, and that an initiative’s success or failure has a direct impact on their compensation. Often times this means alignment of objectives in a formal manner at an executive and senior management level, and ensuring that those objectives flow down appropriately to lower levels of management. Using these objectives, we provide guidelines for technology use focused on frequent and meaningful communication among project team or user community members. Finally, we seek to understand and measure the touch points across teams that can lead to efficient or inefficient interactions.

Process and Data

With employee tenure at or near all-time lows, an organization’s processes are the keys to consistency. Processes must be owned by someone, they must be concise, and they must be flexible — overly cumbersome processes will not be followed. They must be clearly communicated, and employees must have an incentive for maintaining their knowledge of them. This necessitates training programs as a key business function, as well as knowledge and learning management programs that allow employees’ knowledge to be measured.

Of particular importance are processes related to data management, which include data quality, data cleansing, data retention, and data security. Again, ownership of data is critical, as well as being clear about data definitions, systems of record, integration requirements, and compliance requirements. Indeed, in today’s compliance-focused world, the penalties for not knowing where your data is can be costly both monetarily as well as from a public relations perspective. 3Align seeks to document the data involved in any technology implementation, evaluate an organization’s readiness to process and manage that data, identify gaps, and put in place a system to ensure the data is processed securely and consistently.

Tools and Technology

While a tool can be considered technology, we look at the Tools aspect of the 3Align methodology as organizational enablers that already exist and are successfully in use. A Tool could be considered a mature business system, such as an organization’s solution, a collaboration tool such as Slack, or a learning management tool like Cornerstone. By leveraging Tools that are working well and integrating them in projects that utilize new technologies, employees are much more likely to engage in a positive manner. When we refer to Technology in 3Align, we mean the technical components that we are helping our clients actively adopt.

An example of this difference could be a manufacturer looking to embed sensor technology and corresponding monitoring and analytics to create an IoT solution for their products. Project participants will come from a variety of teams within the company and will already be familiar with the existing CAD system used by engineering, the PLM system used by product management, the ERP solution used for tracking orders, inventory, and supply chain, and the business productivity and collaboration suite such as Office365 that is in use across the company. All of those are considered Tools in 3Align. The Technology in this case consists of embedded software in the sensors, data collectors at a device level, and the vast array of software that will be used to monitor the systems, store and process the data, and report and analyze the resulting output.