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Mergers & Acquisitions Solutions

3RT’s consultants have performed due diligence on dozens of technology companies, and have vast real-world experience integrating acquisitions and separating divestitures. We can provide high-level assessments, as well as ground-level assistance with program management, technical


Bringing two (or more) companies together is a challenging activity. Aside from the obvious cultural assimilation that needs to occur, the wide array of system and application choices that must be made in a short amount of time is critical. Pride of ownership, fear of the unknown, and perceptions of complexity can get in the way of making the right decision for a business. As an independent voice in the process, our team will work with yours to ensure an independent, data-driven, and people-focused process is followed to guarantee a successful technology integration program.


Divesting a business usually has very strict time limits for getting off the divesting company’s systems and applications. Questions of data privacy and ownership are critical and must be answered thoughtfully and completely. For the new entity, it’s a time to consider whether the divesting company’s systems and applications are the right choices, or whether they should evaluate new solutions that might be more appropriate for their business. Unfortunately, the best decision for the long term is often overlooked for the sake of expediency. Our consultants help to offset that pitfall by providing a roadmap and execution plan to accomplish both short-term and long-term goals.

Technology Solutions

Emerging Technology Assessments

Organizations are often slow to adopt or respond to new technology that could impact their business in a meaningful way. At the same time, technology leaders can fall into the trap of either jumping on new technologies too soon or without the right frame of reference to produce executable results. Pressure from corporate boards can lead to poor investment of resources, either before the organization is ready or because they haven’t thought through the detailed plan for rolling out the technology. Over the last ten years, we have seen the early and then widespread adoption of public cloud (IaaS/Paas), acceptance of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for mission-critical systems, and the continued maturation of technologies such blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. While many of those solutions are enabling businesses to operate in new and different ways, several of them have an are causing significant disruption.

3RT’s consultants can answer the questions that keep business and technology leaders up at night. We provide thoughtful, in-depth analysis of markets and technologies, and apply that information to the businesses we serve.

  • How is blockchain going to impact my supply chain and what do I need to do to prepare my organization?

  • I keep hearing about machine learning and chatbots — how can I leverage that technology for my business, and what is the ROI?

  • My organization has a legacy ERP system that needs to be replaced. What are my options?

  • We are lagging behind our competitors because it costs us too much to provide service to our customers. How can technology help us become more efficient?

  • I’m considering both AWS and Azure for my new data lake. What are the pros and cons of each?

What’s your question? Ask us today.

Cloud Readiness and Value Assessments

Our offerings for cloud help companies at all stages of their cloud journey, whether you were an early adopter and are struggling to manage cost, or are late to the party and need to start planning a modern data center and cloud strategy. Our application-based approach to cloud readiness focuses on the end-user experience and application integration, ensuring that the public face of your initiative is successful and minimally disruptive. With years of experience running enterprise-class data centers, as well as migrating infrastructure and applications to public cloud, private cloud, and SaaS, we are well equipped to assist your organization with the most complex migration activities.

For organizations that are deep into their cloud journey, we provide customers with value assessments that analyze the costs associated with public cloud and private cloud and make recommendations to optimize both hard and soft costs. We also offer recommendations on infrastructure and application automation activities that have a significant impact on delivering the true value of cloud, including provisioning automation, proactive health monitoring and remediation, proactive cost monitoring, and automated disaster recovery.

SaaS Readiness Assessments

Do you have a traditional on-premises application that you are considering moving to the cloud? Whether your goals are to improve capability, availability, management, security, cost efficiency or a combination thereof, we can help assess gaps, identify integrations, develop a realistic plan transition plan, and facilitate the transition. Our team has completed dozens of application modernization initiatives in the ERP, CRM, digital experience, integration, business intelligence, and data warehouse spaces. Our methodology incorporates a modern agile development approach with advanced employee and customer engagement communication strategies to ensure a successful transition. We help companies within the following application categories:

  • Business Productivity

  • Communication and Collaboration

  • Financials and Financial Planning

  • Human Capital Management

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, and Analytics

  • Integration

  • Customer Success

  • Service Management

  • Application Development and Release Automation

Product Evaluations

3RT’s team has built their careers on evaluating technology products and the service providers that support and manage them. Our services for product evaluations include both hardware and software products, and utilize a data-driven approach to ranking both technology and business priorities and developing a custom scoring matrix based on your organizations unique situation. We work directly with potential vendors on features and functionality matrices, incorporate pricing guidance, and can even assist in the procurement process. We offer a truly independent evaluation solution that helps offload the distracting legwork that is involved in a comprehensive evaluation.

Enterprise Architecture Assessments

The ability to be nimble in the modern business landscape requires organizations to have processes and tools that can keep up with rapid change. Organizations that are slow to react will be at a competitive disadvantage, so setting the foundation for rapid change and continuous releases is key. The proliferation of integration points within individual organizations, trade associations, and supply chains requires real-time, end-to-end visibility, as well as predictive impact analysis of changes. We help organizations understand their overall enterprise architecture and develop short and long-term roadmaps to address areas for improvement. Our assessments include:

  • Analysis of key applications and technologies within an organization, focusing on lifecycle, dependencies, fault tolerance, high availability, integrations and reporting.

  • Analysis of critical infrastructure (network, cloud, server, storage) from the perspectives of hardware lifecycle, dependencies, monitoring, and operational management.

  • Analysis of security and compliance posture and gaps in technology and business process.

  • Analysis of high availability and disaster recovery posture and identifying gaps in expected RTO/RPO and actual RTO/RPO.

  • Alternatives to existing solutions, including total cost of ownership analysis.

IT/Technology Organization Assessment

Do you need to extract more efficiency out of your technology or IT organizations? Are you a rapidly growing company that needs to scale quickly but are unsure how to prioritize areas of investment? Do you want to move from a traditional silo-based development/support model to a true DevOps model? 3RT provides detailed organization assessments that cover both the organizational structure as well as the personnel within the organization. We also work with our partners to provide personality fit assessments.

Interim CIO/CTO

As former technology executives, we have a wide network upon which we can draw for proven technology leaders that are focused on short-term assignments. Whether it’s to shepherd an abrupt resignation or transition a long-time executive during an extended retained search, we can provide leadership to ensure the proverbial trains stay on schedule.

Product Management Solutions

Product and Solution Evaluations / Competitive Analysis

Are you products and solutions relevant in the market today? Are your customers satisfied with the products and services you provide? Do they want to buy more from you? As former CTOs and CIOs, we can help technology services and product companies rationalize product and solution catalogs to ensure you are effectively communicating and delivering to the market. We provide competitive analyses, including direct market research, that offer insights into changes your firm could make to both individual products and your overall portfolio be more appealing to customers. We identify and explore adjacencies that provide opportunities for development or targets for acquisition, and we also determine which services or product features should be de-emphasized based on changing markets or internal capabilities.

Pricing and Packaging

For technology services and technology product companies, 3RT draws on years of experience in pricing and packaging to ensure you are providing solutions that are easy to understand, easy to consume, and that maximize the revenue you get for the value you provide. We specialize in SaaS companies and the service companies that implement and support those solutions using a value-based pricing methodology along with quantitative models that allow us to accurately predict the right pricing, discounting, and bundling methods appropriate for your business.

Program and Project Management Solutions

IT Program and Project Efficacy Assessments

Do you have a program or project that is not going well, and either don’t have the time to focus on it or know how to resolve the issues that plague it? The 3RT team has built our careers around complex program management initiatives that require the multi-faceted approach around which we were founded — the efficient utilization People, Process, and Technology. Our consultants will asses the current situation by reviewing the project charter, assessing current status, interviewing team members, identifying key roadblocks, and working with all interested parties to develop an execution plan that will get your project or program back on track.

IT Project Governance Services

3RT’s core focus is to facilitate the efficient utilization of technology and process to drive business value for our customers. Our project governance service provides an independent, external set of eyes that allows our customers to identify issues early, facilitate communication across silos, and ensure critical projects stay on track. Our customers are oftentimes executive teams that are looking to break down organizational boundaries to accomplish complex, company-wide projects.

Managed Service Provider Evaluations

With more than 40 years of managed service provider experience among our team, 3RT offers a comprehensive solution to evaluate your vendors and ensure you are receiving contracted services, that the rate you are paying is in line with market, and that you are getting the most out of your outsourcing relationships. First, we review your contracts in detail, looking at renewal and termination language, penalty clauses, and service catalogs. Then we compare this data against the actual service you are receiving, using both employee interviews and service management data. The resulting report will provide you with vendor scorecard and recommendations for improving service.